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Le Tournant is a community organization with approximately 30 employees working in partnership with the health care network, police officers and other organizations in the local community. It provides services in the three regional county municipalities in Montérégie-Ouest (Beauharnois-Salaberry, Vaudreuil-Soulanges and Haut Saint-Laurent), serving a total population of approximately 243,000 people. We offer a range of resources, including projects, activities and services, that have been developed over our 35 years of operation and which are continually evolving based on our central mission:

To welcome and support individuals suffering from mental illness and emotional distress on their path to a better well-being in order to help them find meaning in their lives by establishing and realizing their life goals.

Le Tournant subscribes to the principles of recovery—the possibility of leading a satisfying, meaningful life that is nourished by hope, despite the challenges caused by mental health problems. Our philosophy is based on the idea that individuals are not bearers of a disease that must be healed; rather, they are people who, even though they have emotional challenges, are fully capable of identifying their needs and determining how to meet them. We take a holistic approach to our work, respecting the person's history, environment, abilities, dignity and rights.


Our History



July 16: Granting of the charter for the Le Tournant transition resource centre.


Le Tournant offices moved to 414 Salaberry. Service contract with the social service centre (centre de services sociaux, CSS) (7 spots reserved for the CSS and 2 for other resources)


Purchase of a house by la corporation les residences du Tournant inc. to offer our supportive housing service.



The population has direct access to Le Tournant's services. Development of the friends and family program.


Expansion of the 414 Salaberry office thanks to financial support from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Quebec Housing Corporation.


A volunteer begins offering woodworking workshops at Le Tournant.


Start of the “Du Suroît Crisis Intervention Project” with a crisis line in collaboration with the three sub-regional CLSCs.


Temporary housing within the community (17 spots in 7 families)


3 new services are added: short-term crisis accommodations, services are now offered 24/7 and the beginning of the prevention mandate through the training ‘apprendre pour la vie’



Partnership with the hospital (CHRS): opening of the half-way house (4 family-type spots monitored by a Le Tournant interventionist). Creation of a position responsible for the suicide prevention component.


Establishment of the suicide prevention line (1-866-APPELLE) and two interventionists responsible for community follow-ups.


Consolidation of the crisis and community follow-up services.


Relocation of the woodworking workshop with SRSOR (Services de Réadaptation du Sud-Ouest et du Renfort).


Memorandum of Understanding with the Nouvel-Envol centre and relocation of the workshop.


Beginning of the ‘Sentinels’ training program.


Agreement with the CSSS du Suroît: rehabilitation housing service now offered at our 414 Salaberry office.



beginning of the intensive case management program. Opening of an office in Vaudreuil. Bill P-38 working committee.


The ‘Sentinels’ suicide prevention project is offered in the three sub-regions. Beginning of the outpatient follow up service with individuals at high risk for suicide.


Implementation of the protocol associated with the application of Bill P-38 in the three sub-regions of the greater Du Suroît region.


A big event is celebrated: the 30 year anniversary of the support and collaboration offered by le Tournant with honorary president Jean-François Gagnon from CEzinc. Three citizen forums were offered as well as a special event celebrating mental health recovery.


Alexandra Laliberté becomes director of the organization in May. Updating and revision of management documents: human resources management policy, job descriptions, general regulations and an organizational organigram. Renovation of le Tournant’s housing facility.


Consolidation and restructuring of services. Revision of our clinical tools to comply with the 2015–2020 Mental Health Action Plan and ensure the necessary clinical rigour for our services. The budget is balanced, with difficult decisions made so that service users would not be affected by budget cuts.


Signing of the first collective agreement with the new Le Tournant union (Syndicat des travailleuses et travailleurs de la ressource Le Tournant – CSN) and the employer. Changes in the health care system lead to shifts in personnel and a period of uncertainty, calling for a greater adaptability and for the organization to reposition itself in terms of human resources.


Launch of the strategic plan. Beginning of the pilot project ‘les Entendeurs de Voix’

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